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Posting this here so it isn't lost in the other thread. This topic deals with some major big game hunting issues and access if the proposed land swaps and development come to fruition.

There is a public meeting being held this evening at American Fork High School (510 North Caveman Blvd) from 6-10pm to discuss the land swap and development of AF Canyon. This is an important meeting that could show results with public presence-- it is the first meeting I am aware of which has been put together by those against the issue. If you can make it by even for a few minutes I'm sure it would go a long ways to show support. I plan on dropping by with my family-- more bodies always makes a better statement.

It appears the future direction and management of AF Canyon is coming to a head-- now is the time to get involved and attempt to steer the ship in the direction you/we want.

Also, there have been some interesting facts dug up by passionate people with time. Makes for an interesting read, but also shows the dark shadows of the political side of life. Many are not on FB, but for those who are--

Or you can go to http://americanforkcanyon.com/
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