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Affordable Africa Hunt 2018

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Good Afternoon from South Africa,

We offer the following specials for 2018:

Special on Hunting daily rates:

$300 per hunter per person / per day (Normal rate @ $450)
$160 per non-hunter per person / per day (Normal rate @ $195)
Specials on Species that could be hunted:

Please let us know if you might have other species (not listed below) that you need a special rate on.

Impala @ $300 (Normal rate $400)
Nyala @ $1950 (Normal rate $3000)
Jackal - Black Back @ $50 (Normal rate $200)
Giraffe @ $1900 (Normal rate @ $3000)
Zebra @ $950 (Normal rate @ $1500)
Blue Wildebeest @ $960 (Normal rate @ $1300)

We do offer several cull hunts. One example is as follow:
7 Full Hunting Days
1 x Nyala Trophy
1 x Blue Wildebeest trophy
1 x Zebra Trophy
5 x Impala cull
4 x Blue Wildebeest cull

Special on Kruger National Park and surrounding area Touring daily rates: (All tours are tailor made according to the clients needs. I will send you some touring examples)
$250 per person sharing -

Touring rates include:
Accommodation, all meals, soft drinks/water/juice, all road transportation, entrance fees, conservation fees, qualified tour guide.

Please let us know if you might have any questions regarding the above-mentioned.

Warm Regards

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Those prices are not bad, the impala is a good deal, the others are ok.

the cull hunt is a decent deal and sounds fun. I have been to Africa twice and it will be quite a while if I ever get back.

my last trip was $3650 and I took
gemsbuck (two of them)
black widlebeest
Blue Wildebeest
red hartebeest

I paid $3650 to the outfitter excluding tips but five of those animals were part of a package bought on auction including the daily rates.

My first trip was $5800 to the outfitter excluding tips and I took
Blue wildebeest

I got a bit smarter the last time. I will say that dollar for dollar Africa is tough to beat if you are going to pay for a hunt.

but you gotta factor in taxidermy, flights and shipping of taxidermy. that is when this stuff can get expensive.

if you can get flights with points and you go easy on taxidermy then it can get real cheap. I have seen some folks buY a 4 animal hunt on auction for 1-2K use points to fly and do minimual if any taxidermy at all. (typically euros and flatskins)
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