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Affordable Africa Hunt 2018

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Good Afternoon from South Africa,

We offer the following specials for 2018:

Special on Hunting daily rates:

$300 per hunter per person / per day (Normal rate @ $450)
$160 per non-hunter per person / per day (Normal rate @ $195)
Specials on Species that could be hunted:

Please let us know if you might have other species (not listed below) that you need a special rate on.

Impala @ $300 (Normal rate $400)
Nyala @ $1950 (Normal rate $3000)
Jackal - Black Back @ $50 (Normal rate $200)
Giraffe @ $1900 (Normal rate @ $3000)
Zebra @ $950 (Normal rate @ $1500)
Blue Wildebeest @ $960 (Normal rate @ $1300)

We do offer several cull hunts. One example is as follow:
7 Full Hunting Days
1 x Nyala Trophy
1 x Blue Wildebeest trophy
1 x Zebra Trophy
5 x Impala cull
4 x Blue Wildebeest cull

Special on Kruger National Park and surrounding area Touring daily rates: (All tours are tailor made according to the clients needs. I will send you some touring examples)
$250 per person sharing -

Touring rates include:
Accommodation, all meals, soft drinks/water/juice, all road transportation, entrance fees, conservation fees, qualified tour guide.

Please let us know if you might have any questions regarding the above-mentioned.

Warm Regards

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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