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As the title says!!! I really hope my time here yields great results and I get to meet a lot of amazing people. Thanks
Refreshing to see a new member post and not have something along the lines of “drew this tag for a unit I’ve never set foot in or heard of, but GoHunt draw odds told me I could draw it with 2 points. Nevermind the fact the unit is garbage, im just looking to take the kid out, and if he’s going to stay hunting by the time he turns 18, he needs to see success. and fill the freezer… not looking for honey holes, but your OnX pins to the locations you spent decades learning and exploring where I can shoot a record class animal will do… oh and remember, it’s just so the kid can have fun and see success. Oh and #fillthefreezer.”

and then blame you for their kids lack of interest in hunting and losing another one to “the world”, when you don’t tell them which rock to go sit on.

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