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Anybody have a low to mid-priced model they have and recommend, ideally not Motorola?

My second Moto is dying early from a failing USB-C charging port. After 10+ years of loyalty and satisfaction with their models I think its time to move on.

I'm primarily focused on quality coverage with Verizon (thru an MVNO), battery life and enough ability/capacity to operate basic GPS enabled mapping apps for fishing & hunting. Not really asking for much as my price cap is $500 and ideally much less.

Thx in advance!
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Out of curiosity, did you only use their charging cord or did you also use other ones?
I've bought other longer ones, usually 6'. The one that came with it is only 24" long. The other cords I've bought only work about half of the time. The big problem I've had is the port opening is slightly bigger than the cord end. So the cord end keeps falling out of the port and not charging. I usually have to crunch the metal on the cord end so it makes a tighter fit in the port to stay charging.
Yeah, mine started to get loose recently, around 27 months. Now no cord works. Went from fine to unusable in less than a week. They just aren't durable enough for daily charging.

Some sites say to only use OEM charger but I have a hard time believing companies like Anker don't make their cords to spec. They are likely better than the one that comes with phone.

So it goes.
Have you checked the port for debris?
Regularly check for that. Used compressed air out of an abundance of caution to double check.

The port they use just seems cheap and to wear out too fast. Cords fit all the way in but either the contact degrades or something else shifts to the point of not charging.

I'm probably going to switch to a phone with wireless charging to expand its usable life. They still have ports but if I use wireless overnight, ie 90% of times I charge, then it should last longer. Plus its lower/slower = less heat = longer battery lifespan.
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Buy the most current Google Pixel you can afford. There are Google Pixel 7's on Amazon for $449, earlier models for less. You won't be sorry.
That's currently my top pick. They are getting reviews for some inconsistent performance but the only thing I tend to challenge is the battery, both in max time between charges and overall lifespan.

The CAT Johnnycake mentioned is intriguing but most of its onboard tools aren't necessary for me. Really seems niche. That said the waterproof rating for fishing would be ideal and the one phone I had with gorilla glass (a previous Motorola) never developed any scratches. No screen or case needed saves like $50. Kind of tempting. And the USB function they provide has some benefits (ie no computer needed to transfer files).
It's not the charging cord though. Maybe the Anker one wore out the components on the phone over time but the cords still deliver power. I still have the OEM one and ironically it doesn't work as well as the third party cord.

And Anker is one of the better corporate name brand power/data cord companies in the aftermarket arena.

Unfortunately it seems like Motorola just uses cheaper components in their Type C charging ports, at least in non-flagship models. They have to make sacrifices somewhere I suppose.

I'm pretty set on wireless charging for next phone. And I'm going to stick to branded cords by the manufacturer for a bit just for peace of mind. Sadly multiple companies now require purchasing such things separately.

*Ironically, I first starting using aftermarket cords because the Motorola one was so cheap (previous phone) that it degraded in less than a year. They didn't even invest in support around the USB-C connection, so the rubber split abd exposed the wires. I don't know if that connection type puts more stress on power cord connection or if the overhaul by Lenovo = use of cheaper components but my previous Moto G models never failed this way.
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