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Android Smart Phones

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Anybody have a low to mid-priced model they have and recommend, ideally not Motorola?

My second Moto is dying early from a failing USB-C charging port. After 10+ years of loyalty and satisfaction with their models I think its time to move on.

I'm primarily focused on quality coverage with Verizon (thru an MVNO), battery life and enough ability/capacity to operate basic GPS enabled mapping apps for fishing & hunting. Not really asking for much as my price cap is $500 and ideally much less.

Thx in advance!
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Buy the most current Google Pixel you can afford. There are Google Pixel 7's on Amazon for $449, earlier models for less. You won't be sorry.
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The charging cord...any electrician will tell you, get and use the shortest charging cord you can get by with. Pay a little extra...we are only talking a couple bucks more for a top quality cord over a cheep one...the high quality cord will charge faster and to a higher voltage and it will be made of better, longer lasting components and closer to spec.
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