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Android Smart Phones

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Anybody have a low to mid-priced model they have and recommend, ideally not Motorola?

My second Moto is dying early from a failing USB-C charging port. After 10+ years of loyalty and satisfaction with their models I think its time to move on.

I'm primarily focused on quality coverage with Verizon (thru an MVNO), battery life and enough ability/capacity to operate basic GPS enabled mapping apps for fishing & hunting. Not really asking for much as my price cap is $500 and ideally much less.

Thx in advance!
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I have enjoyed my S21 on the At&t network. Gaia GPS has stayed consistently accurate even in valleys with no coverage and the camera is great. Battery life is also decent for what it is and you can maximize battery efficiency with power saving. I run it on LTE all the time because 5G seems to cause alot of problems. Voice-text and auto-text are not great though.
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