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Another First Timer to South Slope/Yellowstone

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Greetings everyone, I've have been hanging on the sidelines for a number of years now and have finally decided to get in the game.

A little about myself, I was born and raised in Utah and unlike many of you I'm a real greenhorn when it comes to hunting. In fact this is my second time ever I've drawn for General deer and I'm in my late 30's. I drew my first deer tag about 4 years ago for Current Creek and call it beginners luck but I was able to get a two pointer on the 2nd day, it was incredible and I loved every minute of it, and couldn't wait to get back and try my luck again.

I've accompanied my brother-in-law(deer, elk) and father-in-law(deer) who are lifetime hunters on a number of their own hunts over the past 6 years and was so excited to draw and tag this year and get back on the mountain.

My father-in-law who built a cabin near Roosevelt, drew a deer tag for the South Slope/Yellowstone about 2 years ago. We had a great time but he was unable to get a deer that year. Since we were new to the area we did a combination of both road driving and light hiking. We saw a lot of deer both on and off the Tribal Land (which we know if off limits), but once we were in the Ashley it was all does and fawns and fellow hunters.

Since then we've spend a few weekends up there trying to get to know the area. In fact we were up there last weekend and looked at a number of areas like Hell's Canyon and Mud Springs that we had heard where we might have some success. We're also talking to some of the residents up there about possibly hunting on their property near the Tribal lands were the animals move back and forth from the fields to the Reservation.

With that said, much like current member Kuhsoy (Congrats on your success by the way in the same area) I'm not asking for anyone's favorite spot, but maybe some ideas on where we could have an amazing experience and possibly get away a good shot. I'm also wiling to put in a good long hike if needs be, heaven knows I need the exercise. I'm not too picky on size, just mostly to help fill the freezer.

Thanks again for your great community and the advice I've received so far, and for getting through this lengthy message.

Best Regards,
alcechico1813 :smile:
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Plans are to go for 10 days for the hunt, arriving a couple days early to scout, both by the reservation boundary and in steep and deep. Will report on how the hunt goes. less than 2 months to opening day!
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