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A buddy and I fished another high mountain reservoir today before the weather changes and gets bad again. We launched our tubes about 9:15 and fished until 2:15. The weather was perfect as you can see from some of the pics. The reservoir is as low as I have ever seen it and the deepest water we fished over was 10'.

We used our usual fly gear, medium sinking lines and size 6 & 8 bead head buggers and leeches. We picked up two really ugly 15" rainbows and the rest were nice healthy cutthroats from 13" to 22" long.

The water temperature was 41-42 degrees and the visibility in the water of about 3'-4'. The reservoir is 13% full and stable.

There were a few elk bugling while we were there and a few ducks that passed through during the day.

I sure hope we get a good winter or we are going to be in deep do do.:(

There were four bank fishermen while we were there and I saw them catch at least three fish. It wasn't fast fishing even though the fish are concentrated but the quality of the fish made up for it.

There was a large group of folks that showed up on the hill above the reservoir about 1:30. I'm not sure what they were up to but I don't think they came to watch us fish. :p

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