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Anybody shoot wac 'ems?

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I've never shot wac 'ems but I have shot the g5 striker which I have heard is a nearly identical head and was very satisfied. Very sharp blades and awesome flight. It looks like with the wac 'ems you can get 4 heads for the same price as only 3 of many of the high end heads, so that is a big draw for me. Anybody here have any experience with them?
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I've shot both wac'ems and strikers. I've decided to stick with the strikers. The strikers blades are secured solid and don't wobble and the wac'ems have a little wobble to them. The striker blades seem a little more dense. Both were pretty easy to tune. I think your golden with either one. IMO
I've shot them. I killed my bull on the San Juan with one. My kid put a 4 blade right through his antelope at 43 lbs when he was 12.

I've just had a hard time finding a shop that carry's them. I'm lazy and planning ahead to order them to have them in time for the season had me switching things up. I'm now shooting a cut on contact Montec as I've gone to a 60 lbs bow these days. I still have some 4 blade Wac'Ems in my quiver to this day.

I've never had a problem with the blades being loose though. The blades on the wac'ems are thinner than the strikers, but the machined steel of the body is better than the MIM molded body on those strikers. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

I shoot wac'ems currently. Razor sharp, fly awesome and I haven't had any problems with loose blades. Killed a few bulls with them no problem. I use to shoot Strikers and I love those too but my current setup shoots the wac'ems better............. like darts
Currently shoot them and have for awhile. Best broadhead I've used to date. Every animal I've shot with them has had a complete pass through.
I shot the wacems and just couldn't get the blades tight either. Might of been me, who knows. Shoot the strikers now and the quality and tolerances just seem better. Like said also you can get strikers anywhere, wacems not so much.
Never shot them, my brother shot the G5's last year and loved em. I'll be sticking with my muzzy MX3 they have never let me down. I'll be switching to the 125 gr this year with a new bow so I'll have to see how it all works together.
Wac'ems and g5s have been good to me and my kids.

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