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Never heard of it....Enlighten my feeble mind pleas.
39 two man teams are accepted for a half day goose hunt where each member only gets two shotshells each.
Total of forty teams with the 40’th team auctioned off. Seen it go from about $1200 to one time being sold right around the 9k mark if I remember correctly.
Winners are determined first if four geese are killed then ties go to weigh off in lbs/ozs.
Big spread in weights over there because giants are mixed in with lessers.
First place wins a pair of Citoris.
Hunting areas are on a draw system the night before and teams are ‘bought’ in a Calcutta type highest bid auction.
Each team has a judge with them in the pit saturday morning.
All proceeds go to scholarships for local kids in the area.
If accepted, will be my forth time.
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