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anyone willing to lend/rent out a canoe?

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hey guys, I'm in a bind. I'm headed to idaho this afternoon for the duck opener. was planning on renting a canoe from the school today but they're closed. need a canoe for the area I'm hunting. anyone let me pay em a little money to borrow a canoe for the weekend? I'm in cache valley but could also drive out to the brigham city, perry area or north to get it. id really appreciate it
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also if it would make anyone feel better, id leave you a ruger sr22 pistol in your possesion as collateral
REI rents canoes.
What/where is REi?
Oh. Thanks for that but I'm goin from Logan to soda springs. No where near Boise, SLC or sandy
Check KSL I see rentals for canoe on there all the time.
I have one you'd be welcome to take but I'm in Provo.
Black canyon guides

Blackcanyonguides.com is in Smithfield and rents canoes and the like
I've got one- but it's in Garden City.
If you're driving to Soda that way, you're welcome to pick it up.
Thanks guys, back canyon guides was closed and I couldn't find anything else on ksl, but a guy here in the valley hooked me up. Lot slower Idaho opener than last year but managed to get a few mallards
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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