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Arrow Rest

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I shot a bo-doodle on my old PSE nova and it was a great rest. Easy to tune and rugged. I really liked that rest but parted way when I sold that bow. My only negative comment would be if you are a shaky person during draw or hold it is not the rest for you.
When I purchased my new bow I put a quicktune 1000 on it and it shot fine but, I could never quite dial it in as tight as I like too shoot, or as tight as I know I can shoot. After trying everything else I replaced the rest and the problem went away. I currently shoot a ripcord drop away and love it. It is accurate and dependable and contains my arrow for situations that it is needed.

Short and sweet I would reccomend the bodoodle or the ripcord. Hope this helps.
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RipCord all the way, I love it.
A number of different drop-aways to choose from, I have a NAP on one bow, and a Trophy Taker on the other. Both are good rests. Drop-aways are easy to tune and are far and away better for accuracy than a bisket or 'traditional' release rest. No fletch/rest issues.

Limb driver is one of the top notch, I realy like the drop away that is tailored for a Mathews and I realllllllly like the drop away that is tailored for the hoyt, my old, built like a truck and never fail was the Trophy taker, all drop aways. I have shot a blade in competition, but why? Drop aways (tuned properly) are the best rests out there.

A word on the wisker b. They have many great features, but the variences that can take place because of them have to much variety in a sport that consistency is a main ingredient. I have never been out shot by a wisker bis(I honestly don't even know how to spell it)cket quet kit hit.
Trophy taker for me. (drop away)
Come on Trish.... you don't like the thump, the swish and the tears on your vanes?? No vampiress.... not veins... vanes, like on your arrows. :lol: I want to go to a dropaway also but I figure I better just get steady on my draw so I'm not dropping and releasing arrows into my foot before I switch. :wink:
So are ya'll using releases or what? I just use my fingers (for releasing the string that is) and I like the Centerrest Flipper on my compound.
I use a qad dropaway on one bow and on my other bow is a dmi xpert nice check it out real quiet http://www.dotymi.com
I've been shooting a rip cord for the last 7 months or so. I kept the whisker bicuit on my other bow and I definitely like the drop away better.

Bikitz is good, drop aways is mo betta.
I have a Whisker Biscuit.
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What did I win?
I think it's called the "Boobie" prize. :mrgreen: :p
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