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Dear Fellow Waterfowl Hunter,

The Senate is currently debating this year's Farm Bill and unfortunately funding for conservation programs vital to waterfowl population success are in jeopardy. In short, we stand to lose a significant amount of habitat that would ultimately lead to fewer birds in the air and lower hunter harvest totals.

We can keep this from happening. We have proven before that our phone calls can change the course of legislation destined to hurt the resource we all hold so dear.

I've asked for your help before and I'm asking for it again now.

Please go to http://www.ducks.org/TakeAction/FarmBill/October07 and follow the instructions to contact your Senators.

Some of you may get an e-mail from DU National Headquarters in the near future regarding this issue. We are trying to get every possible person involved with this important action. I apologize in advance if you receive this twice, but it's obviously imperative that we leave no supporter untouched.

Please forward this message to every waterfowl hunter you know. The future of our hunting heritage depends on it!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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