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I had the privilege to help a fine man take a buck yesterday. He and I only met a few days ago but we became fast friends! His son and some friends had helped me on my bear hunt a few years ago and me helping them on their deer hunt was a small way to try and get even for their kindness. Sure had fun hunting with Carl!!! We passed quite a few bucks looking for the one he wanted. Last night we found him. One shot and it was all over but the shouting and handshakes!!! Great hunt for a fine human being and I’m sure happy for him. The buck is a cool three point with lots of character. Seven inch bases and great mass. The buck is a fat as a seal and will be fine eating. Thank you sir, for allowing us to hunt with you!!!! My son and I really enjoyed every second. I’m super impressed with a 70 year old hunter who just kept after it through miserable wind, torrential rain and a sweet snow storm that turned the mountain to a muddy wonderland. You are the man!!!
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