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Had some time off and headed back to Jordanelle this morning. I arrived to watch a flock of pelicans fishing near the launch.

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It was really cool to watch them in action from up close. I know a lot of anglers don't like them and they can be a management pest in some situations, but I don't think they are a problem here. Later on, a couple of them seemed to be checking me out as I was fishing.

It was a good day numbers and action wise and the fish were a good mix of decent smallies with some dinks. However, I didn't score a monster today and didn't take out the camera much. Sorry. Mostly caught them on dropshot finesse baits and did get a few on the fly. The fly wasn't as effective as it seemed to get moss on it too easily. I might have to adjust something there. Good numbers of 11-14 inchers that were nice and plump. Good news for the future. Kept a conservation quota of smaller smallies for fish tacos. Only one small perch.

I did take one pic to prove that I'm not off the fly wagon. ;)

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