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Be Careful Out There!!!

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I stepped in a snow covered hole. Fractured my ankle. I walked on it for three day's! I'm out for at least a month. :x [attachment=2:bd1eb]100_0351 256x192.jpg[/attachment:bd1eb]
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thats sucks man sorry to hear that.
looks like elephant foot to me :shock: :lol: look at the bright side you get to stay home and be Mr. MOM
Well I'm already going nut's. I'll be going through my hunting gear and my P.C. I'll survive. Thanks
Man that sucks!
I tore the crap out of my ankle on fathers day in june.
Three torn ligaments.
It was the worst injury I have ever had hands down and Ive had a few doozies.
It has been almost 5 months and it's just now getting to be somewhat normal.
I hope it holds up through these next few hunts.
Im so sorry to hear that and I hope you heal alot faster than me!
Good luck.
that looks painful. are u sure somebody wasnt chasing you around the campground. :) Anyway ill take the overtime at work plus i havent had to clean the windows for two weeks. I bet all your guns are clean by now,huh? Well dont have to much fun and try not to bug the wife to much.
does this have something to do with broke back mountain?
What can I say.... I thought I could out run the old guy!! :shock: I guess he still has a few trick's up his sleeve. I've been through the gun's twice!! I really didn't think I would need to break an ankle to get you some O.T. :roll: As for the wife... It sure is nice to sit back drink a few and watch her mow the 1/2 acre of lawn! :lol: If you say anything I'll Deni every word!!! :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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