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Bear river Davis unit.

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Can anyone tell me where this unit is and how to access it? Do you need a boat to hunt it? I'm trying to fill a swan tag and the dwr site shows a bunch of them on this Davis unit.

Anywhere else I should try? I'm not a big wayerfowler, so I don't know a lot of these units.

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the davis club is the bear river duck club. Unless your very rich your wasting your time
Just go out to bear river bird refuge they are not hard to find I have hunted out there 4 times in the last week and could have shot a bunch of them. And they were low
You could hunt the Davis club for Swans. It is holding a bunch of Swans right now. Other than its on the wrong side of the road. It would be a BLAST though!!
Try way out on the turpin at farmington Travis. Tons of guys seeing them in huge numbers out there.
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