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Beginner's Questions

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Since we have to have a combo license now to hunt deer, I thought before the muzzleloader started I would try some upland game. I've never done it before. I have a 20 gauge with a 2 3/4 chamber. I'll be on the Blue Mountains near Blanding. What could I expect to find there? What habitat should I be looking for? What size shot should I use? Do I need a shotgun plug? Thanks for any help.
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If you can get somewhere around 8000 to 10000 feet, look for water, hunt the pines near open clearings. You will probably find some blue grouse.
I lived down there for a while and never saw much of anything birdwise except for turkeys. Didn't get onto the Blanding side of the mountain much, but you should be able to find something. Seen lots of rabbits, coyotes, turkeys, bears, even a bobcat or two during my time down there (in addition to all the deer and elk.)

As far as plugs go, they are mainly required for the migratory birds. Waterfowl and doves. You would find a few ducks on the lakes and the San Juan river, but don't expect large numbers.

Good luck. Wish I were down there still. Beautiful area.
New to upland hunting in utah done alot in nebraska.looking for areas to go picked up book access to wildlifelands .Been hunting past four five years at hunting preserves with my son .But looking for some wild bird hunting like in nebraska

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