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Here is what I got from another forum I belong to from a gunsmith in the midwest about Semi-autos:

If you want a great semi-auto shotgun the Charles Daly Maxi-Mag is the way to go. It will shoot all 3 lengths of shells and has a gas system with two gas sleeves one for light loads and one for heavy loads. It's easy to change and both sleeves are with the gun at all times. With this type of system it causes less wear on the gun when shooting heavy loads and it also helps damplen the recoil, when shooting the heavier loads. No recoil spring in the stock to rust or get dirty, which is hard to get to and clean. The guns come with a lifetime warranty, 3 choke tubes and use the same tubes that the Remingtons use so you can use the specialty type chokes for turkey hunting or even the rifled ones if you're wanting to shoot sabots in it.
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