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fishane said:
I am looking to buy a new shotgun. I mainly do pass shooting for ducks. I know that I want a 12ga. and a semi-auto. I have approx. $500 to spend. What is the best gun for the money?
The best gun for you is always the gun that fits you best. Unfortunately, this can not be divined or otherwise determined over the internet. As far as $500 bucks for an auto, I'd say look at used guns, but even at that, you aren't going to have a lot of quality choices. But look around Cabelas, Gallensons, The Gift House, or anywhere else that sells used guns and heck, may even want to repeatedly shoulder a few. You may find a keeper or two in your price range. You may get lucky with the lower cost autoloaders as well, i.e. Tristar, Baikal - aka - EAA, aka - Remington Spartan, Stoeger, or best yet (IMO) - CZ, but they are hard to come by. But ultimatly, I have learned through sad experience in my life - you do end up getting what you pay for.
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