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Am I posting this in the right place? Oh, well- here's my story.

" My lord, would you look at that!" the graying gentleman whispered softly to his hiking partner one would assume to be his wife.
A halting gasp lightly issued from her mouth.
"He's beautiful. I don't think i've ever seen one so... beautiful." She whispered, apparently at a loss for a synonym.
The pair stopped abruptly on the trail upon which they were walking, partially screened from view of the meadow in which stood the motionless form of a truly majestic 4X5 Muley buck, not 10 yards from where they stood. The buck was frozen in full alert, attempting to determine from what direction the human voices came. His haunches trembled in anticipation of releasing their pent-up energy, to escape whatever he had deemed a potential threat.

The Gentleman spoke...
"How on earth someone could murder such a beaitiful creature, in cold blood, infutiates me."
She nodded in agreement.
"Just for a trophy they can hang on their wall..." She said, finishing his sentence.
"I bet they just cut off their heads and leave the rest. I've seen pictures"
The man spoke.
"I'm tired of all the litter they leave around. And shooting up the hillsides, stealing our peace and quiet. It's not even safe to go for a walk in October"
The lady crossed her arms and raised her voice a few notches
"What can you expect from uneducated people. They just take and take. It doesn't surprise me that most of them are on welfare."

By this time the buck was uneasy, testing the wind. He stepped behind a screen of alders, obscuring the view. I knew my chance was gone, along with this buck I'd tracked and stalked for about three hours.

I stood, and the two on the trail nearly jumped out of their skins. I was no more than six feet from the gentleman's elbow. My bow was in my left hand, while my outstretched right hand held an empty water bottle.
"Excuse me sir, but I believe you dropped this."
The gentleman was suddenly red-faced with embarassment.
"Oh- we didn't even see you..."
"You weren't supposed to. But, Y'all enjoy your evening, I think I'll call it a day. This used to be a quiet neighborhood." I said.
The two stood sheepishly on the trail, averting their eyes.
"Oh, Mr. Bascom- your son has skipped Biology five times in the last two weeks. Now, I'm willing to give him an opportunity to make some of his work up, but he DOES have a midterm in my 3rd period class tomorrow he should be studying for. We wouldn't want him lacking an education and becoming another number in the welfare system."
I placed the carelessly cast aside waterbottle in my satchel on my hip. Then, smiling politely, I tipped my hat.
"I'll pack this out for you."
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