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Best time for great hunt

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Being an upland game hunter from nebraska did not hunt much waterfowl unless just jump shooting farm ponds.Wondering when are best hours early am mid afternoon or the evening hunt.Thanks for any info you may give my son and i are trying to get into waterfowl hunting being upland game is what it is .We mostly do the hunting clubs for upland game.
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Honestly, it depends on where you hunt. I know that's not any help but there are some places I won't go before 12 or 1 and others I won't stay past 9 or 10. As a general rule, I'd say waterfowl are no different than most game and around dawn and dusk are your best bets. Weather is a much bigger factor than time of day in my opinion though with location being a close second. Good luck...it's gotta suck being an uplander from Nebraska coming to Utah :(
early morning on cloudy slightly windy day with a little rain or snow makes a perfect day in the marsh for me :D
How could you not hunt waterfowl in NB??? You will get different opinions on this subject. Early morning and just before dark are generally the best for ducks. For geese, ten to about two is the best time for me. Weather also plays a big part, but I don't care what the weather is doing here, I look to see what it has done elsewhere in the last 10 7 3 days. I prefer sunny blue sky days, with a easy southern breeze. Give me that with the barometer falling and I am guaranteed to be sitting in my blind. Good luck.
Time of season also plays a big part...I have places where I'll hit on blue bird days in late season but won't even bother going if it looks like it's going to storm.
I live in Nebraska. I used to hunt a club up by Corriene [sp] when I lived in SLC. We had great success on cloudy, snotty days, but the action lasted all day long. I have the same luck now in the Rainwater basin here in Nebraska. While I still hunt upland birds faithfully, waterfowling is my favorite when it comes to bird hunting.
Any time its windy and you're getting fronts coming through or leaving will be a good time to be out. That pressure change (I've been told) and the wind will get the birds up and moving.
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