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Better than tag soup

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Opening morning we were greeted with lots of rain and fog. Spent the 1st 4 hours sneaking around some meadows and basins that held lots of deer, including some nice bucks that I had passed on during the archery and muzzleloader hunts. I had seen them as recently as the previous weekend during the spike elk hunt so I knew they were still in there. It was just a matter of being able to see them.
Not sure I had more than 50 yards visibility all morning. Only had the opening weekend to hunt and with the forecast calling for more rain and fog I decided to shoot the 1st 4pt I saw.
All morning only deer spotted were 2 does, 1 unicorn spike.
Around 11am and soaking wet we decided to call it a morning and started to head back toward truck down old logging road, got about 100yards from the truck and glanced up the hill and there standing broadside was this little guy. 40 yard shot to the heart and he stumbled down the hill and died on the road. Loaded him whole and took him back to ranch to hang in tree and gut and skin.
Talked to lots of other hunters Saturday afternoon and sunday and they all reported the weather kept them from seeing anything. Wish I could go back down this weekend as I think it will be a great weekend to be down south but sadly I'm off to Montana on a elk/deer/turkey combo


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Plateau/Boulder unit
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We were in the same area and yes the weather made hunting rough..
"Sadly I'm off to Montana on a deer/elk/turkey combo." Im sorry to hear that man. My condolences.
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Well, you got your 4-pt! Good on ya. I hate hunting in the rain...hate it, hate it, hate it...
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