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Big changes for cougars?

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Am I understanding this correctly that there will no longer be a cougar hunt draw? I’m guessing this is a hot topic for many.
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It has passed.

I doubt we will see some massive kill rate. The houndsmen should be upset I think.
"F" the houndsman!!!! They got their cake and are now eating it. They now have a monopoly on the fall bear hunts.
Maybe these two dip-chits are favoring the rush of Californian's into the state and trying to make them feel more welcome.
I just have to ask how killing more cougars and increasing hunting and fishing opportunity is welcoming to Californians? 🤷‍♂️

Most "blue" blooded liburl Californians I know favor closing the cougar hunts (as they did there) and are ambivalent to opposed to hunting in general. .
Yes, California has some jacked up BS when it comes to Cat and Bear hunting. They have screwed up that area, and are moving here and trying to make Utah like California. Besides, it's much easier to move the blame of bad legislation away from these two, to Cal ass hat's.

Even if this new piece of legislation gets signed by Cox, becomes a done deal (which it won't) the population of cats isn't going to get wiped out in 5 years. Hell, 90% of the hunting population hasn't even seen a Cougar in the wild.
It's OK. I see a lawsuit if this thing passes, for the simple fact that it didn't go through the proper channels to become a law/rule, or fricking pipedream as far as I'm concerned.

"Open season" on Cougars in Utah wont hurt the population to the point where it becomes an unhealthy population. The only hunters that could put a hurt on them are hound hunters. They sure wont overharvest lions to the point of sitting idle in the winter months, and not having anything to chase.

Just for the giggles and chits of it....How many cougars has anyone seen in the wild while hunting small game, or big game. I would guess percentage wise it's in the single digits.
Hunting in general has become a total chit show in Utah for the past few years. (all across the west really) So many applicants and not enough tags to go around to keep everyone happy.

In an economic view, if the demand is greater than supply, inflate the price of the tag. If a resident had to pay $100 for a tag (deer) with a $20 app fee, how many would still be applying?

Isn't this cougar "free for all" hunt giving more "opportunity" to hunters? That's what the DWR has been preaching for the last few years now. OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY!!!! I guess it depends on what species that opportunity encompeses.
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Snider is on the northern RAC as a legislative representative. Apparently he has been listening to some people. As for Sandall I understand he represents AG and I'm sure producers have his ear.

IMO this is why individuals become politicians. Favors, and lifetime healthcare.
T-dubs -- our deer herds are in worse shape today than 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 years ago. People (hunters, politicians) are getting desperate.

for how many years have we heard about how many predators prey on deer in Utah? What have Utah's deer herds done for the last 20 years? They continue to decline. The public is getting tired of seeing deer herds continue to decline, but refuse to look at the reality of mule deer in the west. Climate change and human sprawl are changing mule deer populations. Why hasn't the legislature done anything about deer hunting in past harsh winters? Because it's not their jurisdiction! Why are they doing stuff today? Because the whole country has lost their **** minds, and everyone in politics thinks they can do whatever they want -- so you get people with a little bit of power (or backing from people who think they have power), and they cross those lines and try to manage wildlife through legislation instead of through the proper governing agency.

you end up with shed hunting closures, trail camera laws, open season on cougars, and probably some additional hunting closures in the future.

Some of these things are good, and I support. But the road we're taking to get their? It could lead to a bad place...
I can see why the legislatures are getting involved. The "governing powers" (DWR) haven't done much, if anything to counteract the decline of the deer populations.
I remember tacking up "NO TRESPASSING OR HUNTING WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION" signs every 50' on the family farm three Wednesday for the Saturday opener, then, hunting pheasants. Didn't cost me a single penny and it was the best hunting in the valley.
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We had good family friends who had 10,000 acres bordering the lake near the AF boat harbor, they'd let us hunt with them. It was jaw droppingly good pheasant hunting. I've seen years where opener started 8:00am and the entire group was limited out by 8:15am. Absolutely pinnacle of pheasant hunting IMO.

Same on the farm. The hardest part was trying to get the dogs out of the field. They wanted to hunt!
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Took me a second but in Utah it's stated under 23-19-1:

View attachment 155765
According to this, the way I look at it, is the state requires an individual to pay the $10 fee for application of a permit, tag, point, etc. But, after a monetary "investment" of said applicant to increase the chances of drawing said permit, tag, point, etc. The applicant (according to what I'm reading) does NOT "own" those accrued points. They are still the property of the state and can/could be revoked at anytime, for any reason, without a monetary reimbursement to said applicant by the state.

If this truly is the case, it sure doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling that the hundreds of dollars one has spent on applications could be dismissed without prejudice, or a monetary value to the applicant. Just like that, 20+ points (a $200 value) for a single permit could vanish. NOT COOL!
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They could get something on the RAC agenda for April if they were motivated to do so.

The Director put out the emergency shed closure that impacted the entire state in less time than that.

This passed the first week of March. They could have worked to get ready if they’re motivated to do so.
The word for the day is "MOTIVATION". I work in government, and using that word is like saying a nasty four letter word.
I just want to know when I can expect my reimbursement check from the state for my lion BPs that they just swindled me out of
Unfortunately, every point acquired from either purchase or unsuccessful draw results are not "owned" by the applicant. So. yup....your out of a few bucks. Could you imagine having 20+ points accrued for multiple species and then the DWR eliminates the point system and goes to a full draw? WOW!!! There would be pandemonium on the division.
That's kind of what I was wondering about. If they were identifiable as legal then vandalism or theft. If the trail cam vigilantes thought they were illegal then maybe they though they were cleaning up garbage.
Need to keep the woods clean!
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