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Big Wasatch Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

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I wanted to share my buddies RM bighorn sheep from last fall. He's not on here so I asked him if I could share. He's a great hunter, outdoorsman, and mentor. I wouldn't hunt and enjoy the outdoors like I do if he had not taken me hunting from 13yo on. I was excited to see him finally draw this tag with max points. You might have seen this at the expo this year. Enjoy!

Natural material Organism Sculpture Grey Horn
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Good looking ram and mount! Can u share the unit (PM if needed)? Just curious. He looks to be around 7 years old counting rings, and that seems to be the sweet spot the DWR is managing for to keep the sheep from wandering too much and getting themselves in trouble with domestics.
This was on the Wasatch unit. Could have been the same ram 7mm spotted. They followed it over and above the Y. At the top of the mountain of course. There were a lot of folks after this ram.
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Nice one! We was on Timpanogos one day and we saw one like this just off the trail.
We thought he’d move the closer we got but no. We passed him at no more than 30 feet ! It was a little spooky. He’s the only one I’ve seen up there. Lots of goats though
Did you happen to get any pictures or video? That would be awesome.
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