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This is a critical time in the senate regarding the Farm Bill.

Below is a PF link to contact your senator and some PF verbage you can cut & paste or use as the basis for comments.

Takes less than five minutes to make your position on conservation known to both Senators in your state.

Also some good info on recent Farm Bill developments at the web page provided.


Farm Bill conservation programs, including CRP, WRP and GRP, need to be
funded and fully supported. At the very minimum, the funding in the Senate Ag Committee's Conservation Title must equal that of the House bill.

All funding associated with conservation tax credits must stay within the Conservation Title and not be diverted elsewhere. In these days of high land values, we need more dollars for conservation, not less. These dollars are needed to keep these conservation programs viable and compete against land conversion into row crops.

Conservation cannot wait. There cannot be extensions and no
alternatives. We need 2007 Farm Bill legislation passed this year. These programs are important to wildlife and important to me, as they improve our air, water and other natural resources.
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