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First off, It's good to see this site up and going. I'm looking forward to talking about Utah big game and providing input and a fellow hunters opinion when I can.

How are the animals on the Books looking this year? Any reports?

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i have heard they are looking pretty good this year.
I spent a few days down there this year on my friends elk hunt. These deer have got to be the stupidest deer I have ever seen. Wish I had a tag! Most of the deer were around 18-25 inches wide 120" to 170". Most had great mass. A lot had crab claws for fronts and big backs.
I did see one buck pushing 190 inches, and we saw a 25 inch 7x7 every day we were there at 20 yards. It would just look at us and go back to eating. If an archery hunter wants to kill a buck this is your unit.

It's good to see another newcomer to the forum.

Thanks for the report. The funny thing is that the last couple of years reports that I have seen show the same thing, lots of bucks 24 to 27 inches wide with crab claws. You would think that over the years that the bucks seen would be progressivly bigger (not that a 27" buck isnt big), ya know what I mean?

I'm stacking up the bonus points now, maybe by the time I draw all these 25 inch bucks will be 30 inch bucks!

Isn’t the books managed for 3 year or so old deer. I think they have the genetics to grow as big as deer anywhere in Utah just not the age.
The other thing is, it was a dry year and I tell you what I always thought the Book’s was a desert before I got there. I found water in every canyon and seen some of the best forage for game animals I have ever seen.
Good luck to those who have tags!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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