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Brand New to Hunting/seeking permit advice and potentially even mentor

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Hey all, my name is Joe and I am brand new to hunting. I grew up fly fishing, backpacking, and camping, however, hunting or even guns just weren't part of the family tradition (but i get the sense this forum likes black sheep). I have completed hunters ed, i am a good shot w my .22, and i can hike all day, but i am still brand new and need some guidance.

Helped a guy pack out and elk just over 7 miles this fall and absolutely loved it, even though it was brutal, so i am pretty committed to the sport. I feel like if i didnt hate myself after that, this hunting thing is for me

Should i try and start pooling points for hunts down the line? Should i try and get in field w hunts that have low success rate but high draw odds just for exposure? Do i put in for LE or Once in a lifetime hunts? I understand the value of stockpiling points but would love to get out and really hunt this fall.
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My first piece of advice is to avoid this soap opera forum 🤣 and spend as much time as possible reading regs and learning the draw process. Than start saving $$$$ and buying essential gear like optics, firearms, and a side by side......
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