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Brand New to Hunting/seeking permit advice and potentially even mentor

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Hey all, my name is Joe and I am brand new to hunting. I grew up fly fishing, backpacking, and camping, however, hunting or even guns just weren't part of the family tradition (but i get the sense this forum likes black sheep). I have completed hunters ed, i am a good shot w my .22, and i can hike all day, but i am still brand new and need some guidance.

Helped a guy pack out and elk just over 7 miles this fall and absolutely loved it, even though it was brutal, so i am pretty committed to the sport. I feel like if i didnt hate myself after that, this hunting thing is for me

Should i try and start pooling points for hunts down the line? Should i try and get in field w hunts that have low success rate but high draw odds just for exposure? Do i put in for LE or Once in a lifetime hunts? I understand the value of stockpiling points but would love to get out and really hunt this fall.
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Honestly... all of the above.

Get a shotgun, a 20ga will work with some #6 shot and hit the hills for grouse. Watch for deer and elk, learn their patterns. IMO its better to learn a single area in detail, than spread out all over the place only spending a small amount of time out of the year.

DO start applying for deer tags. If you can take alot of time off to hunt, you can pick any general unit in the state and hit it hard... if not, closer to home makes it easier to grab a gun after work and hit the hills. You mention you are willing to hike, thats going to give you a HUGE advantage over most hunters who stick within a few hundred yards of the road.

For specific hunting advice, we need more parameters. Elk hunting is different than Deer hunting. Hunting with a Bow is very different than hunting with a Muzzleloader, and again rifle. Primarily because of the time of year, big game patterns change dramatically from August to Sept, then Sept to October.

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