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There it was opening mourning of the elk/deer hunt. my wife and i made our way over a small mountain from camp. About 3 minutes from where we sat we started hearing some shots. they were on the other side of the mountain from us so we didn't think much of it. So we finnally sat down to a nice cold day in the uintas. We were situated on an overlook of a small valley that to me should be good for an escape route for a monster (or little) elk. It had a small creek and a few openings and it wasn't as thick as the surrounding areas.
After being there for 10 minutes we heard more shots but this time they were alot closer. My wife has really good eyesight for animals, so what does she see coming right at us? Well we right beneath us we have 3 deer coming up and going to the right. We have buck/bull combo tags so we are paying attention to just about anything with antlers. well two of them run by at about 60 yards and they were does. The third one stops about 20 yards down the hill from us and looks at us for about 30 seconds. Scope is up on its head and low and behold.....its another doe.
Just as she meanders off my wife catches the butt end of an elk running the opposite direction so we couldn't even tell what it was. We assumed that it was a bull because a minute or two later we heard two shots in the direction the elk was headed two. Bummer!!!
thats ok it was still early. So while sitting there until 1030 that mourning those does came and went a couple of times. but on the last time they had an extra one with them. they were a bit further this time and running through the trees (someone spooked them). My wife and i Thought it was a spike but never got a good enough look at it to know for sure.
We called it a day and went back to camp so that she could take a nap and i could take a cr.... never mind.
After the nap we went out to do some road hunting for deer. my wife's pregnant so too much hiking was getting to her. After a few hours of dodging other road hunters my wife was able to see two white butts. how in the world she as able to see them. I don't know. they were well hidden from any trained eye. but my wife is good i guess. Unfortunately both where does.
The next mourning we decided to go back to the same place that we had gone on opening mourning. WHAT A SLOW MOURNING. Nothing came through for it, seamed like, ever. It got to be about 830 and we decided it was time to leave. We stood up too put the extra clothes in my bag. When all of a sudden my wife goes. "theres a deer, it is a doe." i asked if she was sure. (all i could see was its butt.) I then had to remind her to drop the clothes and pick up her gun and look at it. She couldn't tell. Then finally it moved. It was a buck i waited for her to shoot and told her to do so. It ended up moving to quick for her to get things lined up and then i also didn't have a shot.
What a freakin bummer. My wife was so bummed that we let it get away. She doesn't swear and she just about swore at herself for not pulling the trigger. Then all of a sudden BUCK FEVER set in. she started shaking and getting cold. It was cute and funny. (she teased me when i had buck fever 2 years ealier when i shot my first buck, 3point.) She was so mad at herself and now she was getting cold.
We sat there for a few minutes just kicking ourselves when my wife exclaims "He's coming back right at us sure as crap Someone had spooked him and he exploded down the hill and was coming right at us. (my wife has never killed a deer so i was letting her shoot first.) She had a hard time getting him into her scope. I had several good shots as he started up the hill towards us. He got within 30 yards and i said shoot. at 15 yards i said it again but louder. The deer finally noticed us and veared just a bit. Oh no!!! i thought he was going to get away. SO i pulled the trigger. WHAM. He was down. we didn't have a clear shot then but he went down.
As soon as the deer hit the ground my wife looks over at me and asks in all seriousness. Did i shoot? Apparently we both pulled the trigger at the same time. I didn't hear two shots so i thought it could be possible. But then sadly she looked down and noticed the safety was still on. She shoots a Ruger M77 with a safety that has to be pushed all the way forward. It was only pushed half way. I felt so bad that she pulled the trigger and nothing happened. I wanted her to shoot it SOOOO bad.
She thought it was weird that when she pulled the trigger the gun didn't kick but made a loud boom.
I ended up hitting in in the hind end and it went right through his lungs so he died right there where i hit him. 12 yards away the weatherby 338 (I know its big for a deer ) threw him into a tree and that was that.
Once she saw what i had shot she didn't want to settle for a two point anymore. She was telling the truth we had two of them cross the road right in front of us on the way home and she didn't want to get out of the truck.
He's not a monster but he is my biggest. I wish it was my wifes first that would have been even sweeter. 19" 3x4 with eye guards.
hears the pic. remember i'm a 270 pound guy
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