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Buck Deer Hunting North Slope Summit

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Hi all. I drew out a limited entry buck deer permit in the North Slope area. I am very unfamiliar with this area and Utah in general (I grew up and hunted in Wyoming). I am just looking for some insider information about the area.. I.E. what part of the area is the best, where to make camp, local game processing, etc.. Any input is very much appreciated! Thanks!
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Tree line!!!!!
Good luck, I've got a LE Buck permit for the same area... have only seen does so far.
Great country to hunt I would enjoy that more then anything. As far as the deer there are some big ones in there. But it's not one of the premium units. If you see a decent 3 or 4 point early on I wouldn't hesitate. Snow might become a huge factor if you get to much they will head towards wyoming. I am familiar with the east fork of the bear river and meaks cabin area. Plenty of camp spots available. And oh yeah get ready to see some very nice moose.
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