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Thanks to all of those on this forum that helped me out. I ended up seing this respectable bull 200 yds from a main road which made him really tough to pass up.[attachment=1:25093]Moose2.JPG[/attachment:25093] He's only 39" wide but is a good mature bull. Probably a pretty good representative of an average Utah Shiras. He was shot with a trusty 30-06 and 180 grain Barnes Triple Shock. I ended up getting a complete pass-through with double lung and heart. I took him above Bountiful right off of the Skyline Drive. What a beast! These things are the size of a horse! Can't wait to cook him up on the Barbi! :D[attachment=2:25093]moose1.JPG[/attachment:25093]
About the pics. Obviously not a professional, plus with just my wife and I, it was just too hard to move him for better pics. (Help showed up after dark..Thanks to my bothers, my Dad, and my Dad in law.)
His one side is much weaker than I thought, but it was still and awesome experience with my wife by my side.[attachment=0:25093]Moose4.JPG[/attachment:25093]
Thanks Again to all!

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Great story and pics. That is absolutely awesome that you wife will go out with you. My wife won't touch hunting at all. And a great moose. Sharing that kind of hunt with your wife is a definate, Once in Lifetime. Congrats! Does she know the moose head will be hanging above your bed now?
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