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Busted Again

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Looks like one of the founders of Muley Freak got busted again. Not sure what it is that makes this guy think he is above the laws. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him this time.

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I have never overthought trespassing. Like, that land is somewhere I can't hunt. I usually just take a picture of the animal and say "Wrong side of the fence or I woulda had him", to pad my ego lol.

Why this guy can't help himself to go over that private line is beyond me. Also, 161" buck is a great deer but certainly not something I want to cop a felony for.

Edit: Also worth noting this guy endorses an OnX competitor that shows you boundaries so... Talk about irony.
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I will be very curious the outcome when money is at play. Erik has money, ironically from hunting. We just witnessed the Bowmars get away with a SLEW of charges on a very very friendly plea, and then also be able to go back after the fact and gain their weapon rights (partial) while monetizing the story with "The truth is out and we are innocent" videos. All while hunting every year and that will continue. They didn't miss a beat or even really lose any money.

It's a slap in the face when overly offender-friendly plea deals are allowed.

Also, what happened to the network where states are aligned on these punishments? Erik lost his hunting rights in Utah but didn't miss a beat hunting in every neighboring state. Take away privileges across the board and see how happy these folks are.

I digress. One offense is frustrating, repeat down right piss you off.
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That's disappointing to hear about the Blowmars getting off with a wrist slapping. All the rabid wolves over on archerytalk were licking their chops waiting for them to get their asses handed to them. The thing that gets me is why do so many [PEOPLE] have such a [ATTRACTION] for all these influencer types? It's creepy to me how [PEOPLE] can crush so hard on other [PEOPLE] and be so obsessed with them. Have you ever read through the comments on a Cam Hanes post? I get having respect for a guy and his accomplishments but the sychophantic [CRUSHING] is enough to make me barf.
The comment sections are insane. Not sure if being one of their cult members is worse, or paying $10 for a $.0000003 piece of plastic that "straightens your peep".
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Lol and now a video defense series. Will be interested.

I am not swayed until the court case is resolved. I heard the UWB hearing and it sounded convincing until the other party spoke.
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