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Busted Again

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Looks like one of the founders of Muley Freak got busted again. Not sure what it is that makes this guy think he is above the laws. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him this time.

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Personally, I think most of this BS is ultimately derived from likes, subscriptions, and ad revenue. This guy, and others like him are willing to push the limits of what is legal or ethical because of it. All three of those things (likes, subscribe, money), I think, create a big freaking inflated ego. Overall this whole "influencer" thing has gotten out of hand. Casts attention where none is wanted, and makes things more difficult for the rest of us. Thinking out loud for a moment, I wonder what skeletons are in Hushin's closet.

I suppose most of these big names can be categorized in some manner. Personally I've never heard of Muley Freak, but there's a ton of big name channels out there. Some are entertaining, some are educational, some are both.

EDIT: I talk too much.
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