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Busted Again

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Looks like one of the founders of Muley Freak got busted again. Not sure what it is that makes this guy think he is above the laws. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him this time.

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Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

you can’t watch any of their videos without seeing at least 1 type of hunting violation.

I can’t wait to see what card he plays this time to bail his ass out. But I am certain the victim card is already been thrown on the table. The suicide card seemed to work well last time. Maybe he’ll play it again?

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Erik has money, ironically from hunting.

Erik lost his hunting rights in Utah but didn't miss a beat hunting in every neighboring state
Allegedly, it’s been rumored that his wife had (has) the money… not him. Or at least that’s how it was for quite awhile. I hope this has opened the publics eyes to the type of people his brand represents and MuleyFelon folds up and burns to the ground as a result of his actions. I do fear the handicap hunts he’s been pushing lately to the public will pull on the heart strings much harder than they should when it comes to the courts and prosecutors. I don’t find the timing of those to be coincidental.

he lost his hunting rights in utah and the other 47 states within the compact for the time it took him to file a lawsuit against the state to have them reinstated over a technicality error on their side which was used to determine the loss of rights to begin with. Which is why you saw Hawaii, mexico, Canada and “sand land” hunts exclusively, just for himself during those 6ish months he was actually on the ban. I don’t know what the state gave him besides his hunting rights back when he won, but the brand new tacoma build and the best CWMU moose tag money could buy seemed to fit nicely within that time line.

I’m hopeful there’s many exotic hunts awaiting him in the future after Idaho gets done with him, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Side note. It is hilariously ironic that the first time he got busted for trespassing, he was riding the OnX train hard and seemed to have some kind of partnership with them. And better yet, in his testimony he admitted that he didn’t even use the app while hunting. This is now the 2nd time he’s been busted for trespassing, this time he was teamed up with another mapping app, but still seems to struggle with the foundation concept of the entire thing and how to use it! You can’t make this stuff up 🤣
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If people poach for the likes, subscription, and ad revenue (which I actually agree many do), why’d they do it before any of that was available?

So many more deer were killed illegally back in Critter’s day than we could ever dream today. Why’d they do it back then when the likes, subscriptions, and ad revenue weren’t available?
Because people were hungry or were in fear of going hungry. And those people actually ate the deer.

some poached for antlers. But most that I’m aware of did it for the meat.
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