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Can't Go to Utah State Parks Unless you live in the same couty

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This was upsetting hearing about this tonight. It drastically reduces the amount of options and bodies of water since you are no longer allowed to visit state parks outside of the county you reside in. Any guesses on how long this will last? Will Utah reimburse boat registrations if it extend for a significant period of time?

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At least you get to go hit the water in the county you live in. I can't even do that...
My guess is most states will start to lighten up on the outdoor restrictions in another month. Warm weather is going to make a lot of people want to go out and do something, colder weather makes you stay in more keeping the chances of contamination high. UV light kills this bug and fresh air won't do anyone any harm. Only so much yard work you can do, unless you're my backyard neighbor anyway...
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