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Can't Go to Utah State Parks Unless you live in the same couty

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This was upsetting hearing about this tonight. It drastically reduces the amount of options and bodies of water since you are no longer allowed to visit state parks outside of the county you reside in. Any guesses on how long this will last? Will Utah reimburse boat registrations if it extend for a significant period of time?

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Man, this is the worst. Unless you have to watch your parents or grandparents drown on air. That feels like it might be worse.
"raped" is a highly inappropriate word. It's only a few weeks, maybe a month and a half. Not a big deal.

Look, they're loading bodies with forklifts in New York right now. There's refrigerated trucks in the street collecting the dead. We probably won't see anything nearly like that but it's serious and there's going to be some needed restrictions. My bet is that 2-3 weeks from now you will have completely forgotten this issue because there will be more important things at hand.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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