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Can't Go to Utah State Parks Unless you live in the same couty

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This was upsetting hearing about this tonight. It drastically reduces the amount of options and bodies of water since you are no longer allowed to visit state parks outside of the county you reside in. Any guesses on how long this will last? Will Utah reimburse boat registrations if it extend for a significant period of time?

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Can someone smarter than me chime in if this poorly made and uneducated decision is even within the Constitution of the United States of (previously known as a free country) America?
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My question is:
Does not being able to freely travel to property I own violate any of my Constitutional rights?
I own Strawberry, as do you and everyone on this forum.
All of us also own a share in every State Park.
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Fair enough Bob, in my first post I admitted I did not know the answer and needed help from someone smarter than me.
I am not offended by your answer and appreciate your remarks.
In retrospect, I should have said you/me/everyone on this forum owns the right to visit the State Parks in or out of our County of residence.
It is a Right of being a tax paying citizen.
My boat taxes are paid.
My truck taxes are paid.
I have a current State Parks use pass in my possession.
I have a current fishing license from Utah State.
I have paid a hefty tax on the fuel I will consume.
I am a law aboding citizen and I have now been stripped of my Rights( my opinion).
Now, If I was planning to go to the Cisco Disco or Free Fishing Day I understand being told ‘No’. That would be a gathering of people and would make it impossible to distance properly.
But, when I fish Deer Creek I am first or second through the gate and might see two or three people at the docks and am 100’ feet away.
I am a loner by nature and would rather avoid groups anyway.
What I still want to know is if my Constitutional Rights to travel to a public area have been violated?
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Not once did I say Strawberry was a State Park.
I wish you would fight for State Park access like you fight for small stream access.....
I did fish Strawberry yesterday and had a blast, thank you!
I don’t consider my comment a cheap shop and you have yet to weigh in on if my constitutional travel/access rights are being raped away from me?
I applaud your efforts to keep access to small streams because you believe they are owned by ‘us’.
Maybe I misunderstood your original intent but I felt you were okay with certain State Parks being off limits to ‘outsiders’?
If I am wrong about that impression I do apologize to you and I wish you the best.
And I believe they should be open for all with zero talk of closing a single one of them to anybody, it is our right to visit them.
I tip my hat to the Feds for not closing Powell, in fact they removed entrance fees to help us in a time of need.
Also, I praise the Feds for not closing the Gorge.
The Little Sahara sand dunes, I’m still scratching my head over that closure....
Thank you for the excellent conversation.
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Jedidiah, not sure how your mind works but a definition of rape is:
‘An outrageous violation’.
That is how I feel about my Rights now.
I just enjoy a spirited conversation as I sort through my feelings.
I have been doing the same as you in the last month:
Extra friendly to store clerks.
Extra waves to everybody.
Extra phone calls to family/friends.
Phone calls to people in my neighborhood I wouldn’t normally call to offer any assistance I might be able to provide.
Extra courtesy to people in traffic.
Up until three days ago I’ve been taking people I know who were stressed out to go shoot and fish.
I’ve been helping people fix their sprinklers at no charge so they could garden earlier than normal.
I’ve been giving away shop supplies so people could tinker on their mechanical equipment for stress relief.
I don’t plan to stop being so friendly and in fact I’m going to ramp it up more.
I will admit to one grudge I will not let go of though.
When things go back to normal I will remember the counties that only wanted me when times were good. My wallet will stay closed as much as possible. I am frugal and will go to the trouble to pack full fuel containers and an extra cooler of food bought in my hometown at stores that welcomed me when times were bad.
Counties in Utah should share the same wedding vows as husband and wife, ‘stay together through good times and bad’.
I am very lucky that I was able to retire last fall at age 51.
This was supposed to be the ‘Year of Shane’ and it is frustrating to have my summer start off so crappy with the travel restrictions.
I live in Riverton and my walleye boat loves to be in Deer Creek, Willard Bay, and Starvation.
What do all three of these lakes have in common? No private boat ramps, State ramps only...
And now, the Guv wants me to stay on my little half acre.
Anyways, I’ve probably bored you all to death with my personal problems but I want to leave on a positive note:
Only six months till waterfowl season, and my puppy ‘Bolt’ will turn one next week.
I rescued him at six months old and have spent a lot of time with him.
Thanks to him I did not lose a single pheasant or duck in ‘19.


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