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Can't Go to Utah State Parks Unless you live in the same couty

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This was upsetting hearing about this tonight. It drastically reduces the amount of options and bodies of water since you are no longer allowed to visit state parks outside of the county you reside in. Any guesses on how long this will last? Will Utah reimburse boat registrations if it extend for a significant period of time?

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Bodies of water OTHER than State Parks are still open to fishing.
And to be clear, different portions of the same body of water are still open to out of county residents. Launch at Lincoln Beach and you're fine at Utah Lake as a non-Utah County resident. Just don't launch at the state park. (Just as an example)
Can someone smarter than me chime in if this poorly made and uneducated decision is even within the Constitution of the United States of (previously known as a free country) America?
What provision of the US constitution is implicated here? Which right is being violated by the state?
The right to peaceably assemble?
Nah. No right is absolute, and time, place and manner restrictions have been a part of the 1st Amendment for many, many moons.
My question is:
Does not being able to freely travel to property I own violate any of my Constitutional rights?
I'm not sure which directive prevents you from freely traveling to property you own?

However, the government has more broad powers during times of emergency. So in extreme circumstances, travel restrictions would be upheld as constitutional if there is a rational basis for them. I think the current circumstances would provide a rational basis for travel restrictions. But depending on where you live vs where your property is, I'm not sure there is a travel restriction in place.
Bob is correct in that we are not owners of the public land. I know BHA made those cute t-shirts that said "Public Land Owner," but that didn't make it true that we owned it.

This can get super technical and legal geeky, but in it's most basic form, the government (federal, state, or local) owns the lands, to be held in trust for the people. I am not a 1/327.2 millionth owner of plot X in the national forest.

And Strawberry is not all a state park.
Not once did I say Strawberry was a State Park.
I wish you would fight for State Park access like you fight for small stream access.....
Seems like a bit of a cheap shot for someone that is just trying to answer what you are claiming are just simple questions. These are just simple answers to those simple questions.

And my point about Strawberry not being entirely a state park is to say: GO FISH IT! But I guess if you make assumptions about what others think and how they feel, it's easier to just take cheap shots.
I did fish Strawberry yesterday and had a blast, thank you!
I don't consider my comment a cheap shop and you have yet to weigh in on if my constitutional travel/access rights are being raped away from me
Check post #16. I thought I answered the question.

Maybe I misunderstood your original intent but I felt you were okay with certain State Parks being off limits to 'outsiders'?
If I am wrong about that impression I do apologize to you and I wish you the best.
I'm not okay with how they've handled state parks across the board. It should not depend upon which county you reside. If they're concerned enough to limit visitation, close them entirely. It should be equal for everyone. Open for all, or closed for all. That's been my position from the first message from SE Utah to stay away.
Jedidiah, not sure how your mind works but a definition of rape is:
'An outrageous violation'.
That is how I feel about my Rights now.
I really think you have a misunderstanding about what "rights" you truly have. That is probably the biggest cause of your frustrations right now. A better understanding about what is a "right" and what isn't would alleviate a lot of angst.
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I will admit to one grudge I will not let go of though.
When things go back to normal I will remember the counties that only wanted me when times were good. My wallet will stay closed as much as possible. I am frugal and will go to the trouble to pack full fuel containers and an extra cooler of food bought in my hometown at stores that welcomed me when times were bad.
Counties in Utah should share the same wedding vows as husband and wife, 'stay together through good times and bad'.
Trust me shaner, you and I don't disagree on this topic! I think the notion of "We will continue to go out and enjoy these public lands ourselves, but you guys have to stay away" is a very dangerous precedent. I said that from day one when this issue arose.

If the situation truly calls for people to "stay home," it should apply to all equally. Once we start deciding who is worthy to utilize public resources and who is not based upon zip code, we're playing a dangerous game. This game of "ours and yours" won't work out for anyone. I said that on the early thread on this topic, and I still feel that way.
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PS- way to go on the pooch! Nothing like bird hunting with a fine dog that is a member of the family.
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