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This muzzeloader hunt was one to remember for sure. We got up on Tuesday to set up camp and get ready for the morning hunt. Surely, as all things go, my backpack broke, and I had forgotten my binoculars at home. The badlands 2200 it is.

Wednesday morning we hopped in the truck and drove almost to the base of a very tall mountain we call "Bear Mountain". About halfway up, we spotted a herd of deer on the skyline. Mostly does with a small two point. Man, it took a lot of self control to pass on the first buck I saw :mrgreen:. We get up the mountain and decide to sit on a ravine for the morning, apparently some other hunters had the same idea but from the other side. Here we are, sitting on a log on opening morning, when two elk: a bull, and a cow, come charging behind us about ten feet. I think my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds. I calmed down and continued to focus on watching the ravine. Then, about 5 minutes later, a buck comes charging behind me, probably 3-4 feet away. Man, I've never been so surprised in my life! The whole rest of the day passed without much activity.

Thursday morning is when the magic happened. We hiked into a steep, deadfall-ridden canyon where we had seen big bucks in the past. Some cow elk started moving over the ridge, and we thought they had winded us. While watching the elk, my dad spots some antler through the trees. Wait a little longer, and a two point steps out with a four point trailing behind. I sat and watched the two point feed all across the meadow, occasionaly about 20 yards away presenting me with all sorts of shots. In the course of all this, the cows had come back over the skyline and were calling like crazy. I guess the four point was a little too close to the bull's cows, because he came and moved him down a little bit. The bull saw us, and took off in the opposite direction. This got the bucks attention, and it looked like they were getting ready to bolt. The four point came in to view and I dumped him! The packout was exhausting, but we did get him out in one trip.

After the hunt, we did some fishing at Strawberry. The salmon fishing was fantastic!

I Did a DIY european mount on the buck and I think it looks pretty good! It was probably one of the grossest things I've ever done.

A little step up from my last buck... (2013)
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