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Last year I had this tag, but due to a family emergency, I could not go. I surrendered the tag and they restored my bonus points and I drew the tag again this year.

This is the short version...We got this 6x6 bull elk late opening day. We located sign of a bull in September. Fast forward. Snow with deep, very fresh tracks only hours old betrayed his sanctuary lair while scouting the Friday afternoon prior to opening day. This last minute scouting party put us with in 60 yards of the bull, completely unawares our presence as we watched his antlers dance above a small rill to our 12 o'clock as he snipped grasses playing peak a boo with him through the snow. As my buddy was fixated on all the fresh sign, he was looking down. I grabbed him by the scruff and drug him backwards, post haste, with all discretion in the quiet snow. The soft quiet snow was fortunate because he tripped and it looked like I threw him on the ground. It was funny....only after we realized the bull was none the wiser. Thankfully he did not chew me out (my buddy)...he instinctively knew to maintain stealth...as opposed to myself.

The next day we.....(more later...stay tuned)....

Thanks to everyone that helped out last year and this. And thanks to my new friend (the Turkinator) and his son, who also killed a gorgeous bull.

Here I am with my bull...
Hunting Plant Tree Fawn Freezing
Snow Plant Tree Hat People in nature

And then the pack out....

stay tuned...
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