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Two bucks including my youngest were shot with 120 grain 7mmo8. Both were bang flop heart shots at 270 and 300 yards. Both were also full pass throughs.

My oldest buck was shot with .243 80 grain soft point. Her buck was shot at 220 yards. It also had a heart shot however the buck ran off and laid down and required a second shot. When they were gutting it they noticed the heart was soft but didn't have a hole in it. The bullet never passed through and was basically in tiny pieces.

The last buck was shot with a 300 rum 180 grain. Fist size hole all the way through and was shot a 120 yards. The buck ran off but left a blood trail a blind man could follow.

I guess the only reason I brought it up is because I think the 7mmo8 is a great flexible youth rifle.
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