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Closest to Salt Lake City- Tabby Mountain?

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New to the area and new to the forum. Just relocated to SLC from Missouri via Colorado. Just glad to be back in Elk country, they taste better then Whitetail. Keeping pretty busy with new job and will not have much time in the field before season. Was looking on some pointers for General Any Bull Archery, I want something that I can duck out of work early during the week and get a evening hunt in. The closest I have found in my map recon is Tabby Mountain. Anyone have any suggestion for some ground a little closer? Any help is appreciated.

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I would stay away from tabby mt with a general bull tag seeing how it is illegal to hunt there with that tag. That is a limited entry unit.
You can buy a spike tag and hunt tabby Mt.You can only shoot a spike on there.
nocturnalenemy, thanks for that map. I was looking for something like that, didn't realize that fell into the Wasatch Mtn unit. Looks like my best bet is in Kamas or East Canyon areas. I'll start my search over in those areas.
The closest general season any bull unit that has mostly public land is the Kamas unit along the mirror lake hwy. From Salt Lake it would take you anywhere from 1 hr to 2 hrs to get to a trail head.

Kamas area looks let it will be the one. Does that area get much hunter pressure being so close to SLC? Google maps shows quite a few roads in that area. Will not have a chance to scout till later this month.
The Uintahs (Kamas unit is a part) is big country and the elk are spread out. I would plan 2 years just to get to know it...and wouldn't plan on seeing a ton of elk in those first couple years. That's my take from people I know that hunt that area.
Thats why it's called hunting. I'll spend a majority of archery in Colorado, but seeing this is my new home want something close to check out. Soapstone Basin looks promising, right on the country with Watash unit. Looks like summering ground, and plenty of water. Just worried about the pressure.
Tons of pressure in the areas like soapstone and Whitney reservoir the elk disapear quick.some of my favorite hunting spots up their I walk into right off mirror lake highway.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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