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Cmon Ice!!!!!!!!

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Anybody else itching for some ice fishing?? Its been getting pretty bad lately. I really like this summer fishing, But ya just cant beat a day on the ice!!!

Lets see some pics of some of your set ups or Ice camps!!! :D

A nice day at rockport!!!

Basecamp at the Berry!!! :D

Nice sunrise at the Berry. -22 degrees when that pic was taken!!!
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Temps are getting below freezing at night in the higher elevations! :D
I hope that there will be safe ice by Thanksgiving. :?:
So drill one hole for fishing and another one for BEER! *()*
Just don't step in your beer hold!
Dubob wrote,
"Forgot to take the camera along last winter for some nice crappie/perch days on Pineview. I'll try to remember the darn thing this season."[/quote]

I'll vouch for Dubob, as far as his perch and crappie at Pineview last year.
He had some nice slabs, setting on the ice next to his him.
Tigers are rare, but you never know.
In 5 ice fishing trips to Pineview, I hooked up with and lost one Tiger, and in 2 trips, my son landed one Tiger.
I guess that's not so bad!
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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