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Cmon Ice!!!!!!!!

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Anybody else itching for some ice fishing?? Its been getting pretty bad lately. I really like this summer fishing, But ya just cant beat a day on the ice!!!

Lets see some pics of some of your set ups or Ice camps!!! :D

A nice day at rockport!!!

Basecamp at the Berry!!! :D

Nice sunrise at the Berry. -22 degrees when that pic was taken!!!
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STEVO said:
Anybody else itching for some ice fishing??
No way! :shock:

Ice fishing is something to do during the time of the year when even sitting for hours on a frozen lake in 10-degree temperatures make for a plausible excuse to get outside. I'll take September any day over a frigid, howling wind in mid January. :wink:
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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