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Cmon Ice!!!!!!!!

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Anybody else itching for some ice fishing?? Its been getting pretty bad lately. I really like this summer fishing, But ya just cant beat a day on the ice!!!

Lets see some pics of some of your set ups or Ice camps!!! :D

A nice day at rockport!!!

Basecamp at the Berry!!! :D

Nice sunrise at the Berry. -22 degrees when that pic was taken!!!
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I have dove in the hole a couple times... some for fish and once for my camera! :x Not tryin to jack this thread but whats the scariest moment people have had ice fishin? I remember once I was at Causey and was walkin and got to a clear patch of ice when all the sudden I hear cracks and looked down and seen them shootin out from under my feet :shock: ! Needless to say I got outta there in a hurry! But that didnt spoil it for me I still love it!
STEVO did that decapitation story really happen :shock: ?!?! Thats horrible if it did! But last year we hit Scofield like when it first froze and slayed em! Im plannin on headin there first this year... I think it was one of the first to freeze last year if Im not mistaken? Anyways I cant wait! *()*
LOAH man you gotta go to Strawberry and give ice fishing a try! Its a freakin blast if you get into em, and your minnows could still do the trick! And its real simple on how to stay warm... 1 tent + 1 heater= a very warm and comfortable place! Ive sat in our tent before in just jeans and a t shirt haha, its great. Definately give it a try you will be hooked! Excuse the pun.
Those are some nice browns he got there! I have heard good things about ice fishing the Nelle' but have never gave it a try. Im always driving by on my way to the Berry haha. Maybe Ill have to go there this year too.
FishGlyph Im definately gunna give the Nelle a try this ice season. Maybe Ill see you out there!
Ya I have been sunburned many a time out on the ice! Last year I was on Scofield the first weekend of December... and the middle of December on Strawberry just in one of the bays. I wouldnt mind an earlier freeze this year tho! :D
1 - 5 of 48 Posts
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