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Cmon Ice!!!!!!!!

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Anybody else itching for some ice fishing?? Its been getting pretty bad lately. I really like this summer fishing, But ya just cant beat a day on the ice!!!

Lets see some pics of some of your set ups or Ice camps!!! :D

A nice day at rockport!!!

Basecamp at the Berry!!! :D

Nice sunrise at the Berry. -22 degrees when that pic was taken!!!
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Greenguy88 said:
I have dove in the hole a couple times... some for fish and once for my camera! :x Not tryin to jack this thread but whats the scariest moment people have had ice fishin? I remember once I was at Causey and was walkin and got to a clear patch of ice when all the sudden I hear cracks and looked down and seen them shootin out from under my feet :shock: ! Needless to say I got outta there in a hurry! But that didnt spoil it for me I still love it!
Thats one of the last places I would like to take a swim through the ice... :shock:

I had a similar thing happen to me out on Holmes Creek in Layton last year.
fatbass said:
Here's a tip to keep your beers from freezing even on the coldest days: Get one of those big chemical heat packs (like for bad backs). Instead of putting ice in your cooler, put warm beers in your cooler with the heat pack. When you want a beer, just pull a warm one out of the cooler and let it sit out in the snow for a few minutes. Your buddies will laugh and call you funny names, at least until their beer is frozen and you still have liquid refreshment. *()*
If it's not too cold, just covering your beers with water instead of ice keeps them from freezing. Water freezes at 32 deg and beer won't freeze until it gets a couple of degrees colder than that. Remember that it's the sub zero degree air that freezes the beer up.
To get technical, the freezing of the beer or alcohol beverage depends on the proof or content of alcohol in the drink. Most cheap beers will freeze right around 32F or 0C as they are mostly water, but from the sound of it even 100 proof vodka will get slushy up at the 'berry...
With the nice dusting we got on the Front last night, almost makes you think the ice over isnt far off....
I dont know about elsewhere in the state, but up here at 4810 feet we got a decent amount of snow falling. I can only imagine what it is doing at higher elavations. I hope this is the start of a the "mother of all snowpacks" we have been waiting for. Most of the res's in my area are 34% or less filled(causey,pineview), some in the 20's (27% Willard) to 14% at Hyrum!

That and of course the ice! I do know that it is in all reality about 2-3 months off....

A pic
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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