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Colorado wing'ing it

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Decided this year to go out of state and hunt the rut... heard good things about a unit... had no idea where good access was at. Just went for it... kind of a little nervous to do it that way and drop the coin for a tag when we had really no idea if it was going to pan out. Went to the local Forrest service and bought a Map asked for some trail heads and picked one and off we went... hit the Trail at dusk road the horses in till we couldn't see.... got up the next day heard some bugles road the ponies close to them... and I was done in 20 minutes.... called 2 bulles to 25 yards and drilled this guy..... fun but really quick. I like Colorado ' s Regs... All over the counter or open bull units are 4 point or better.. talked with some locals they were shocked that Utah ends the archery hunt so early.... they said they don't blame us for being there.


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Nice Bull

Last year, I talked to a local guy in Idaho who said the same thing as it regards to Utah Archery Elk.
You also have to figure that Utah starts their season a couple of weeks ahead of Colorado's.

There are a lot of nice areas that you can stick a decent bull in Colorado. It just takes the nerve to phony up the money at the license dealer.
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