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Combo hunt permit #'s

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How many buck/bull combo tags were sold? Do they sell them over the counter? I want to do the combo hunt next year.
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It's a draw, put in for it by February 16th or so. Results in April!
Off hand, I believe it was 2k.
I may be wrong, but the tag only applies to the northern unit doesnt it? And you are you only allowed to take the type of elk that your area allows? such as spike or bull?
Hold up! I pretty sure it's only in open bull areas.

I've been known to be wrong, but it was only once and it was a technicality. She WAS legally an adult and not my first cousin. :wink:
it is for any bull area in the north. but the deer tag isn't a "northern tag" it falls in the same area as the northern any bull area. for example grouse creak area is a northern deer tag but with the buck/bull combo doesn't aply to it for deer. you'd have to check the maps on the dwr website to see for sure where you can hunt. which also means that you can hunt deer in parts of a north eastern deer tag as well
It is almost like cheating. Great for the 2,000 hunters who have the tags, but sucks to be the rest of us who have to hunt the spooked left overs! The opener is kind of like hunting the second weekend of the open hunt. My son has a Northern tag, and I am trying to decide if it is worth going as the area we hunt has already seen a lot of deer hunters.

I would prefer that the combo tags hunt the general deer hunt dates and be able to shoot elk as well. That way everybody gets the same odds.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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